The Skin Bar 


              An Organic Skin and Body Boutique


                                                                                     31 Ferry Street Schuylerville, Ny 12871

  Hours Of Operation Wednesday Through Saturday 9-5 or later if needed

 Truly customized and holistic skincare. Your preferences, goals, health and lifestyle habits are discussed so that an effective spa treatment can be designed just for you. 

We are results oriented and practice the science of wellness and beauty through the importance of lifestyle, nutrition, vitality and self~confidence. With a comprehensive approach to wellness, radiant skin and vibrant health go hand in hand.

Holistic Organic Facial are the beginning of healthy, beautiful skin, since a holistic facial, by nature, takes into account not just what you put on your skin, but health, diet, stress level and lifestyle factors that affect your skin's function.  Before your facial begins, we'll talk about these factors to develop a facial or treatment program that works for you.

The Skin Bar's  facials are performed with nutrient-dense, cruelty-free professional strength organic facial products that allow you to achieve the results you desire without harsh chemicals.  Whether your concern is acne, rosacea, dehydration, uneven color, wrinkles or sagging, holistic facials that respect your skin’s natural processes and a simple home care regimen are all you need to have better skin.

In addition to cleansing, exfoliation,  extractions (if desired) and treatment masques, The Skin Bar's holistic facials include plenty of massage to heal and firm your skin, provide a fresh, healthful glow, and relax your body and mind, for both internal and external results you'll experience immediately.

Each session is holistic in nature and customized to your specific skin type, condition and needs and goals. We strive to use 100% chemical free products and ingredients.

If you have a living social voucher or an Amazon Local Deal and would like to book your appointment via our online schedule system, please indicate voucher # in notes section of appointment info.

31 Ferry Street Suite 1, Schuylerville, New York | 518-682-7156