Read what our clients have to say about their permanent makeup experience with us:

"My eyebrows were falling out so I decided to try microblading after I researched the permanent makeup techniques available. Someone recommend Jessie and the skin bar. After my consult, I felt comfortable and excited about the process. She is very knowledgeable, everything she told me about healing steps is spot on. Sure it was a little uncomfortable but definitely worth it. I love my new eyebrows. I would recommend Jessie to everyone. Looking foreword to my next appointment." – Anonymous

"I love my eyebrows and I am so happy I finally became brave enough to follow through. Jessie knew I was nervous. She was very compassionate and thorough with what to expect and how to get through the first week healing schedule. She is extremely knowledgeable and knew just what to do and say to keep me calm and reassured through the entire process."  – Shelly

"Jessie completed permanent lip color on me this past spring and the color is still looking gorgeous. We chose a soft mauve for my lips. It gives them a pop of color without looking unnatural. The application sessions were quick and easy, as was the healing process. I would recommend permanent lip color to anyone who wants to enhance the natural beauty of their lips, and who (like me) doesn't want to fuss with daily lipstick application." – Jaclyn

"I was terrified. It was so out of my norm, but I really wanted permanent eyeliner. I was so fed up with rings under my eyes after a long day at work or a hard workout.  Jessie was aware of my nerves and performed her art with my comfort as her first priority. I'm delighted with the results!" – Anonymous

"Jessie Carney is much more than a permanent makeup Esthetician. She is a gifted artist with a keen eye for attention to detail making her work effortless and natural. I had permanent makeup completed for my eyebrows and eyeliner over a year ago and I have never once regretted it! Au contraire, mon amie, my eyebrows are perfect. I never worry about thinning hairs or unruly stray ones.  My eyebrows are permanently shaped to perfection and they look so natural that one would never know that they were created by Jessie’s magical touch. My eyeliner is always perfect, even at the end of a busy day, and applying my makeup each morning is just so simple -it takes minutes. The procedure itself was very comfortable and relaxing and Jessie's spa setting is uniquely soothing and serene."

"I just love my permanent makeup, eyebrows, eyeliner, cheek, and lip liner.  The natural look of my eyebrows, which were sparse, is great.  The best part is when I leave a water aerobics class or after swimming in general, I have makeup. No smearing or makeup warring off during the day is a great advantage to permanent makeup that I also enjoy."  – Bonnie D