Tarot Card Readings

Tarot Card Readings are with Wendy Bordwell. Wendy has been reading Tarot for over 25 years, documenting each reading.  What began as a novelty and casual interest has developed into an strong intuitive talent.

First time clients, Wendy will start with either a Relationship or Personal Reading. The Celtic Cross Reading would be scheduled for a second visit. Click below to see descriptions.

To Book the Services listed below, Click Here or call 518-934-1077

Relationship Reading: Allows insights into your situation as it relates to another person. Ideal for romantic concerns, but can also be used to interpret other relationships. Business partner being honest? Concerns for a child or parent? This reading provides answers to questions about all types of relationships.

Personal Reading: Allows insight into your overall situation and current status. Should I take that new job? How do the next few months look for me? Will I meet that someone? This reading is a personal overview that implements a timeline to provide information about the future.

  • 30 Minute Reading: $40
  • 60 Minute Reading: $65

The Celtic Cross is probably the oldest and most popular pattern for reading the tarot. It has survived so long because the layout of the cards is simple, but powerful. A strong energy has built up around this spread due to its use by so many people over the years. You can think of the Celtic Cross as divided into two sections: the Circle/Cross (six cards) on the left, and the Staff (four cards) on the right. The Circle/Cross simulates the Celtic cross found throughout Ireland. This cross has a circle linking the four perpendicular spokes. The circle and cross symbolize the joining of spirit and matter and the unity of all events in time. The feminine energy of the circular section works in unison with the masculine energy of the Staff section. These two parts of the Celtic Cross mirror the dual nature of manifested reality - the polarities that abound in the human psyche. A full reading using the Traditional Ryder Waite deck of cards. Allows for detailed insight into all aspects of life: personal matters, romance, finances, career, and more!

  • 60 Minute Reading: $65
Wendy Bordwell