PHYTO 5® has pioneered “Energetic Skincare”, the products are made in Switzerland from the finest natural ingredients and under Swiss agency supervision.  For nearly 40 years, PHYTO 5® has emphasized the use of pure essential oils blended in natural ingredients such as algae, clays, grains and minerals.  The products are uniquely formulated to work energetically with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Its holistic philosophy is expressed by the motto: “Beauty is Health made Visible”!

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phyto5 A unique PHYTO 5® treatment which includes the signature clay “tribal” mask for complete skin health.

  • 60 Minutes: $125

This balancing facial is for all skin types.  Five different naturally colored clays and special blends of therapeutic essential oils are applied on each one of the reflex zones of the face according to the principles of facial reflexology of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It provides for a deep sense of relaxation as it balances “vital energy”, deeply nourishes the skin, and restores its radiance.  Using your Element (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water) from the Phyto 5 Phyto-Energetic line, this balancing facial incorporates 9 steps and 3 phases including facial reflexology. Great for most skin types and beneficial for aging skin or skin with loss of elasticity and tone.

Did you know that in Traditional Chinese Medicine, skin conditions can be assessed by way of the 5 Element system? Would you like to know whether you are a Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water type and how the Phyto5® system can help bring your elements into balance to eliminate your skin care concerns? This is a highly personalized facial which combines two types of masks beyond massage and extractions if needed.  The first mask is algae-based to nourish the skin and facilitate deep pore cleansing.  The second one is a moist, naturally-colored clay combined with the appropriate blend of essential oils used to soothe and calm the skin.

  • 30 Minutes: $75
  • 60 Minutes: $125

elementchartThis facial is recommended for the treatment of acne and other problematic skin conditions.   This 30 minute facial is great for teens or those needing weekly maintenance. Recommended add-on: The addition of LED light therapy.

Stay in tune with nature!  Throughout the year you witness the effects of seasonal energies on climate, vegetation, and animal life. Did you know that these energies also affect the way we look and feel? This PHYTO 5® energetic seasonal facial will both balance your skin and harmonize it along with the specific energy of the season.  A gentle exfoliation followed by a flowing massage prepares your skin to receive specific seasonal essential oils and clays that will keep you and your skin balanced and harmonized.  You will enjoy a fresh, glowing appearance and a satisfying sense of well-being.

  • 60 Minutes: $125
  • 5 Session Seasonal Package: $550

seasonal Appropriate for all skin types. Your Skin Care Therapist will discuss what season is current at the time of booking based on the Energetic Calendar for the Northern Hemisphere. Recommended add-on: Oxygen infusion

This is our Supreme Reflexology Facial with 2 masks but with an emphasis on treating stressed eyes, circles or puffy eyes and fine lines.  After cleansing, an algae based mask is applied to nourish and mineralize the skin around the eyes.  Eye pads, soaked in a light refreshing solution of chamomile and Soothing Esserine (a PHYTO 5 blend of essential oils) is used to release tension and calm tired, stressed eyes.  A soothing, gentle massage follows to tone and relax the skin.  Then, a black mask rich in marine silt is applied to hydrate and diminish lines around the eyes, for a refreshed and radiant look.

  • 60 Minutes: $110

Beneficial for those with aging skin particularly around the eyes and mouth or those dealing with loss of elasticity and muscle tone. Your beauty shines from your eyes and your smile and this facial will leave you radiant.


First, let’s appreciate the fact that in spite of what we might have been taught in school, the body is not simply matter (solids and fluids) but also energy—vital energy. It is called prana in yoga and Ayurvedic medicine, and Chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine and by practitioners of Asian martial arts. This ancient concept is also a very modern one as it is now demonstrated by Quantum physics. Progressive medical doctors have embraced this approach, judging by the following quotes:

Deepak Chopra, M.D. in Grow Younger Live Longer:
“Your body is a field of energy, information, and intelligence…capable of perpetual healing, renewal and transformation.”

Richard Gerber, M. D. in Vibrational Medicine:
“The physical body is actually a complex network of interwoven energy fields.”

The point is that, as stated by Gerber in the same book:
“If we are being of energy, it follows that we can be affected by energy.”

Therefore, with the right energetic tools and know-how, a practitioner can work on any body and skin problem at the level of matter (skin) like everyone else, but in addition to work at balancing the vital energy flow of the customer. Working on matter and energy simultaneously, better results are achieved.

Energy medicine states that body issues have a root cause in vital energy imbalance, or blockage, of vital energy flow.

With the Phytobiodermie method, a spa practitioner can easily learn how to do balance vital energy for better and faster results. The reason being that the skin is a medium to balance vital energy!

Beauty is Health Made Visible! WHY is it so?

Because of the following two major concepts:

  1. The body is not simply matter (solids and fluids) but matter and energy — vital energy, a carrier of information and intelligence to all cells of the body.

  2. The skin is a vital organ with reflexive properties. This is due to the fact that all parts of the body are interconnected by vital energy. Reflex zones provide a telltale sign of what is going on within the body. That is why our body shape and our skin condition reflect the degree of wellness that we enjoy. As a result, indeed, Beauty is health made visible. Reflex zones also provide a way to practice reflexology and to simply balance vital energy in spa treatments.