"Acupressure" refers to any technique using finger pressure on "acupoints" to reduce stress and balance the body energy. An "acupressure" method may be simple and symptomatic, or sophisticated and deeply therapeutic. Jin Shin Do® covers both ends of this spectrum, for it can be used both as a selfhelp tool and as a professional therapeutic method. It brings about deep relaxation and increased awareness of both body and psyche. Jin Shin Do® contrasts with acupuncture in the absence of needles, and because one individual is touched by another in a highly supportive way which evokes the feeling of being held, cradled and safe. It contrasts with Shiatsu in being a more slow and shy paced method and focusing more on deep release of muscular armoring.

"Nagging" pain, "controlled" tension, "pentup" frustration, "repressed" emotions - we may spend so much time resisting "negative" feelings that we become afraid of feeling at all. Now there is a simple, gentle technique - Jin Shin Do® - that offers a practical way of dealing with daily stress.

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  • 60 Minutes: $95
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