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Eyebrow and Lash tinting is simply coloring the lashes and Brow to match a new hair color or to darken light hair that blends to your natural skin tone. It is a smart solution to create more contrast with your skin for a more dramatic effect and accentuates your beautiful eyes. The process is very simple, the treatment takes about 20 minutes to do and lasts up to 4 weeks!

  • Lashes only: $30
  • Brows only: $25
  • Brow and Lash Combo with Waxing: $55


A semi-permanent beauty procedure that creates a curl in your natural lashes that will last for the life of the eyelash.  The lifespan of a single eyelash is 90 days or 3 months. Gradually we shed lashes and replenish them every 90 days.  Eyelash perming will keep a lasting curl all the way thru the life of the eyelash. The natural process of shedding old lashes and regrowing new fresh straight eyelashes, means this service can be preformed again and again.Lash Perming is a great addition to the lash and brow tint service.

  • Combo Lash Tint/Perm with Brow Tint and Waxing: $105
  • Lash Tint w Perm (no brow): $90
  • Lash Perm Only: $70

Waxing for hair removal can carry risks. These risks may include redness, bruising, and lifting of the skin. These conditions may be exacerbated by the use of certain pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals, particularly those for anti-aging and anti-acne treatment, such as, retinoids, Retin-A, Renova, accutane, and alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA’s) like glycolic acid. Certain prescription medications, such as, antibiotics, blood thinners and tetracyclines, may aggravate the skin when waxed. Clients who are receiving esthetic and dermatological peeling treatments may also experience redness and skin lifting from waxing and should avoid waxing while undergoing such treatments. Waxing should not be done 48 hours before or after the use of tanning booths or sun exposure. Waxing expertise, attention to sanitation guidelines, and use of the best products available ensures the most comfortable waxing experience. Please advise your waxing specialist if there are any changes in your history. If you would like a waxing service performed on an area that is not listed, just ask, as most areas on the body may be waxed.

  • Brow Wax: $18
  • Lip: $12
  • Chin: $12
  • Nose: $12
  • Lip and Chin: $27
  • Brow and Lip: $27
  • Brow, Lip and Chin: $32
  • Full Face: $35+
  • Forearm: $25
  • Full Arm: $35+
  • Half Leg: $40
  • Full Leg: $75+
  • Half Leg and Bikini: $55+
  • Full Leg and Bikini: $95+
  • Classic Bikini: $30+
  • Brazilian: $65+
  • Brazilian Maintenance: $50+
  • Hollywood: $80+
  • Underarm: $20
  • Back: $50+
  • Neck: $10
  • Chest: $40+
  • Chest and Stomach: $60+
  • Hands: $10
  • Feet: $10