Meet Jessie

Jessie Lawless Love Rose, Owner and Artist

Jessie  has been in the spa and holistic wellness industry  for over 20 years. Much of her time has been spent managing and practicing at luxury, destination resort spas throughout the western United States where a holistic approach is a specialty. With a strong commitment to ongoing training, she combines her passion for and natural ability with skin, and her extensive skill set in the areas of holistic skincare.  

In 2012 she opened her own business in New York- The Skin Bar, where clients come for truly customized holistic skincare, permanent makeup, organic waxing (sugaring), luxurious body treatments, lash and brow services and more- all using cruelty free, nutrient dense products. Within permanent makeup and microblading Jessie offers unique services such as Microblading, Ombre Eyebrows, 3D Areola Re-pigmentation for breast cancer survivors, CIT (Microneedling), Eliminink Tattoo Removal, and Scalp Re-pigmentation, eyebrow, eyeliner, lip, and blush application in addition to a diverse and ever evolving holistic spa menu. 

Jessie began her career as a Massage Therapist in 1999 in Crestone, Colorado in a retreat style, full immersion massage school and dojo. She expanded her knowledge and education base at destination resort spa settings for over a decade in Sedona, Arizona, Colorado and California.

In a continued commitment to expand her artistic base, she received advanced permanent makeup  training at The Beau Institute, the premiere school for permanent makeup in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. She trained exclusively with the school’s founder, Rose Marie Prudente-Beauchemin who has more than 25 years of experience in micro-pigmentation. She completed more advanced training for permanent makeup in Newport, Rhode Island over 7 years ago. 3 years ago Jessie  added to her ever continuing education, PhiBrows-Microblading Academy. She is excited to now offer both permanent makeup cosmetics with a hand held method, as well as the specialized machine method.  She is now considered a master in microblading after more certification processes with her continued efforts to be an industry leader. She is currently accepting qualified and gracious apprentices to study under her guidance. It is a one year process with work study opportunities. Inquire via email for details. 

In addition to her spa focus she has also obtained more than 700 teacher certification hours in the areas of kundalini yoga, tai chi, Qi gong, aikido, Jin shin do acupressure, zen shiatsu including tongue diagnosis and 5 element pulse taking. She dabbles in herbology and plant knowledge as well as more esoteric studies in astrology, numerology, card systems, tarot and Vedic principals.

As a result of her training in 2013 with Prudente-Beauchemin academic, PhiBrows, and practicum regimen, Jessie is able to offer her clients the very best permanent makeup and mcroblading services available today. As a cancer survivor herself, Jessie is honored to use her knowledge to help clients feel their best with areola re-pigmentation and scar camouflage. She works on referrals with plastic surgeons and physicians as well as word of mouth and client referrals. 

Her continued commitment to a life long love of learning has now brought her to multi state business, teaching, mentoring and becoming a facilitator of refuge recovery as a host and advisor to people from all walks of life who have survived and are surviving trauma, abuse, ptsd, anxiety and addiction. Check out refuge recovery online at  check out her work under and on the website. Email with questions and to schedule consultations, 540-522-6141 or 540-987-5003

jessie is very connected, as a mother to midwives and doulas in several states, homeopathic doctors, practitioners of EMDR, acupuncture (internationally as well) , yoga instructors (internationally as well) , holistic psychiatrists, yoga travel companies, biofeedback, energy healers and more. Inquire within.